Friday, April 7, 2017

Copy Cat Finds

I'm a sucker for a deal. I get all excited when I find a good copycat so I'm sharing my top four finds that I've scored recently!

1. Cotton Wreath

Magnolia Market sells this beauty for $54.00 

I bought this one at Hobby Lobby for 50% off:  $25.00

2. Crystal Rectangular Chandelier

$799 (that's on sale friends...) still carries this one, 
 I bought it for my dining room last summer and 
it's only $267.49!

3. Rustic Dining Table

Pottery Barn Griffin Reclaimed Wood Table and Benches

(I can't even find the table available but FYI,
 the bench alone is $799.00)

Outdoor Puerto Acacia Wood 3-piece 

Picnic Dining Set by Christopher Knight Home

$467.99 (for the whole set)

4. Dome Crystal Lighting

Pottery Barn Mia Faceted Crystal Chandelier
Large:  $499

Overstock Symmetric 6 light Chandelier 
for only $151.99  
(This one comes and goes in stock, wait for it it's worth it)
I bought this for our foyer and haven't put it up yet but can't wait, it's a beauty.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Mission: Declutter

This month I've been following Laura @ and trying to keep up with her  30 Days to Less of a Hot Mess Challenge.  I will admit I feel like I'm making some headway here and can't wait to say, "it's done!"  
Check it out here, it's not too late to start!

  I've discovered some tried an true rules to follow on my kid room clean-out jobs:

1. Schedule a donation pick-up before you begin.
This sets a "deadline" for your clutter and stops you (or anyone else in the home) from digging through the donation bags while they are waiting to be picked up!  I use the Vietnam Vets at They come in 24 hours on most dates.  They have been to my house three times this month already, maybe I'll leave them a snack next time.

2. Be picky about what you save for "hand-me-downs" between kids.
I have four boys, so naturally I saved everything to pass on to the rest...not knowing how different their build, height, and fashion sense would become.  I discovered 3 bins of out-of-style clothes I saved that have been taking up precious space in a closet.  Take it from me and only keep dress clothes and dress shoes.  (These don't seem to vary much in a few years time, and the cut in dress shirts/pants are pretty consistent for all builds).

3.  Start with storage areas first.
This is pretty obvious, yet I never start with an area that people can't see.  My first reaction is to pick up what is out and put things away.  You can't effectively put anything away if the storage area is full of too small, old, unused clothing.  Organize the closet and dressers, then focus on filling them. 

4. My final rule..Don't try to build Rome.  
Focusing on just one room or one closet at a time has made the task seem achievable.  Don't try to clean out all of the closets or everyone's dresser drawers in one shot.  You'll just get overwhelmed and give up.
After my home is all tidied up...I've got some fun blog changes to share, including a new site that's under construction! 
Thanks for visiting 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Last To Know...

So...I truly am the last to know on this one.  After a ton of emails with questions about my Sliding Screen Door,  I decided to investigate.  Unbeknownst to me, this sweet little charmer was featured as one of the "13 Country Chic Ways to Use Screen Doors"  at,  check it here!
(I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't flattered!)

Now, for the questions!

How did I secure the bottom of the door?

Barn Doors hang, so the bottom can just tip outward.  If you have a dog who likes to let himself out, he may just figure this out, quickly.  After dealing with this for about a week, I ordered this and screwed it into the deck.  I only used one and the door slides nicely against the slider frame at the base.

Find it at amazon here.

How did I close the gaps along the sides and top?
Lucky for me, the top does not have a gap, it slides right along the edge of the house.  As for the edge, this was trial and error.  Lucky for you, I found what worked best was a weather stripping kit from Lowes.  It's basically a piece of wood trim with plastic foam padding attached along one side.  I trimmed it to size, painted the wood white,  and nailed it along the left side of the door (the side opposite the opening).  The wood was the exact width of the door and the foam pad slides against the glass on the sliding door, creating a bug-barrier.  This is not in the picture, I took the picture first, sorry!
Find it here

After that I thought I was done, until the windy Fall weather picked up and the door would slide right open by itself!  Once again, Amazon Prime to the rescue.  I ordered a door magnet kit and screwed that in place; one part on the interior of the screen door, the other is screwed to the door frame outside. Life is good.